At Guardian Pharmacy of Wisconsin, we consider the complex relationships between disease states, nutrition, medication combinations and other variables in order to identify any necessary medication regimen changes. Appropriate medication routines for our senior population can greatly enhance quality of life. Our consultant pharmacists carefully examine and evaluate each resident’s drug regimen to ensure optimal drug therapy and recommend the discontinuation of any unnecessary or inappropriate medications.

Clinical Services Offered:

  • Daily order medication reviews
  • 30-day admission/readmission patient medication reviews
  • Annual patient medication reviews
  • Medication cart/room inspections
  • Psychotropic medication reviews
    • Monthly for PRN medications
    • Quarterly for scheduled medications
  • Fall prevention reporting
  • Immunization clinics
  • Staff and resident education

Antibiotic Stewardship (ASP)

Guardian’s ASP leverages clinical expertise of our consultant pharmacists to establish strong processes and actions designed to improve antibiotic prescribing practices and reduce inappropriate use.

Download GuardShield ASP fact sheet

Psychotropic Medication Reduction (PMR)

Psychotropic medications can negatively affect a resident’s quality of life and put them at risk of adverse drug events, including falls and hospitalization.  Inappropriate use of these medications is a significant concern for long-term care communities and can have a negative impact on star ratings and incur regulatory citations.

You can improve resident safety and patient outcomes while protecting your community’s reputation with our PMR program.

Download GuardianShield PMR fact sheet

Therapeutic Interchange Program (TIP)

Reduce your Part A spend. Impact your bottom line.

With the GuardianShield TIP, you can have confidence that you are taking advantage of every opportunity to reduce costs while still maximizing clinical outcomes.

Download GuardianShield TIP fact sheet

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