Healthcare benefits, medication coverage and billing can be confusing for residents and time consuming for staff – but it does not have to be. With IOP, residents have an advocate to help them navigate changes in pharmacy coverage plans and ensure medications are covered, reducing out-of-pocket costs with no hassle for them.

How it Works

  • For every prescription, Guardian works with the resident’s physician and insurance company to ensure the medication or a clinically equivalent is covered.
  • If the medication claim is denied, Guardian informs the resident or responsible party so there are no surprises.
  • We can generate detailed reports providing visibility into the significant savings by resident and community.

The Outcome

  • Residents reduce out-of-pocket costs (an average of $389 per month); save time as they have a partner to maximize insurance; eliminate the frustration that occurs when they receive surprise bills.
  • For assisted living communities: Analytics reports demonstrate the significant resident savings encouraging pharmacy adoption. This reduces the need to work with multiple pharmacies, decreases med pass errors and increases staff efficiency.
  • For skilled nursing facilities: Decreases the number of non-covered drugs and generates savings that go straight to the bottom line, if these medications are normally charged to the community.

IOP reduces the time assisted living and skilled nursing staff spend helping residents resolve medication billing questions.

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