Close Up Blister Blister Packs (Bingo Cards, Bubble Packs) are the most commonly used packaging for solid oral medications in longterm care facilities. Medications are packaged in a unique 28 day cycle. We began using this format at the request of our longterm care clients. The 28 day packaging allows facilities the opportunity to have cycles delivered on the same day every four weeks. Administrators, nurses, or managers do not have to come in on the weekend or holiday to deal with the “switchout” of medications. They can now accomplish this task during the week when staff is at full strength.


Parata MultidoseMultidose Packaging is very popular with patients in their own homes. This easy to use packaging puts all medications designated for a particular time, e.g. 8:00AM, into the same bag and labels it according to pharmacy specifications. A patient will typically have four bags (morning, noon, evening, and bedtime), which have tear-open slits for ease of entry. This packaging is great for patients who work, go out to eat often, or travel frequently. Facilities that decide to use this packaging can expect faster medication pass times, easy to read packaging, and 7 day cycles where there is less time for medication changes to occur. We can also set up your medication administration records (MARs) by time of day so that it correlates with the packaging.


medbox-615pxMedication Boxes are commonly used by individuals in their own home when they are having a difficult time keeping their medications in order. Medication boxes are prepared by Pharmacy Technicians and Pharmacists before being delivered by our drivers. We use a standard weekly medication box containing morning, noon, evening, and bedtime slots. Smaller boxes are also available with only morning and evening slots. We deliver these medications on a weekly or biweekly basis.


Disposable Medication Boxes are tamper evident and disposable like the blister packs.They look likDisposable MTSe a medication box and are labeled with the days of the week and the times of day. This type of box is great for traveling because pills do not fall out of the box when dropped and it also prevents other people from getting into the box without breaking the seal. We use a unique labeling system that exceeds all of the requirements for a prescription label. This system is integrated into our pharmacy software system and is found only at Mallatt’s Homecare Pharmacy.