Mallatt’s Pharmacy is a partner in the Guardian Pharmacy network. Guardian Pharmacy Services specializes in servicing patients that require medication packaging services in the long term care setting. From our Madison and Menomonee Falls locations we provide services to residents in a variety of Long Term Care facilities and in senior independent living complexes, as well as to a large number of patients in the comfort of their own homes.

Many of our loved ones struggle when trying to organize medications and other supplies. Mallatt’s Homecare Pharmacy can be there during this difficult time. Our expert staff works hard to ensure that our patients understand the medications that they are prescribed and that they are willing and able to take them as directed. We strive to create the professional attitude and assurance for family members, guardians and caregivers that will lead to their peace of mind.

For those individuals that reside in Long Term Care facilities, we help design a patient centered pharmacy program customized to each organization’s needs and requests. We understand that each facility has different requirements and levels of service. We work directly with you and your staff to explore packaging, delivery, Medication Administration Records (MARs)…and much more!


Mallatt’s Pharmacy started in 1926 at a downtown Madison location on State Street. After about 15 years, the store moved to its current location at 3506 Monroe Street and is the “headquarters” of Mallatt’s Pharmacy. Mike Flint (President) started working at this location in 1980 while attending college at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. After graduation, he continued working at Mallatt’s as a licensed pharmacist and in 1982 purchased the pharmacy from Bill Mallatt.

Mallatt’s Pharmacy is an old fashioned corner drug store, offering everything from cards and wines to costumes and prescription medications. One day several years ago, a patient who suffered from multiple diseases which resulted in several prescription medications walked into Mallatt’s Pharmacy with all of his medications in a plastic bag, placed it on the pharmacy counter and stated, “I give up.” Seeing the frustration this patient was going through, Mike calmly suggested that he take all the bottles of medications and fill them in a medication box that the customer could pick up on a weekly basis. The patient loved this idea and that was the start of our Homecare Pharmacy services. Once word got out that Mallatt’s was providing this customized service for individuals in their homes, the program took off.

By the early 2000’s, Mallatt’s was packaging medication boxes for approximately 100 patients. At that time, a 21 bed assisted living facility had contacted Mike requesting him to package medications for them, hoping to get this individualized service for their patients and staff. Mike agreed to provide this service to them and thus began the Long Term Care department of Mallatt’s Pharmacy. Two local Agencies, Care Wisconsin and South Madison Coalition, became familiar with our services and started referring patients to us.

Following this growth, in 2003, Mallatt’s Homecare and Long Term Care patients were moved to the current location at 3250 Kingsley Way in Madison. At the time we had nearly 600 clients, most of whom resided in their own homes and in a couple of Long Term Care facilities. During the last ten years, we have grown our consumer population to over 3000 patients. We look forward to continuing our service to patients in the Madison area and to expanding our services throughout the state of Wisconsin.