Pharmacy Transition

Let’s talk about
how easy it is
for you.

At Guardian Pharmacy of Wisconsin, we go to great lengths to make the process as smooth as possible, doing everything in our power to make it a hassle-free, turnkey experience. The result: community staff spending less time on administrative duties and more time to spend on resident comfort and safety.

We use highly refined, efficient processes and techniques for collection and transfer of data.

Our consulting pharmacists ensure your staff is fully trained.

As part of the transition process a trained medical professional will transfer existing orders to valid prescription forms, fax those forms to physicians for signature, set up monthly filling cycles for each resident, and prepare new medication administration records.

How do we do it?

Collaborative Planning Process

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Initial meeting is held to start the information gathering process. This includes gathering resident face sheets, insurance information, facility information, current pharmacy information (cycle delivery dates, med cart info, delivery info), contact information, current physician orders, med pass times, etc. Additionally, we will reach out to your primary care physician to obtain any needed new scripts or other pertinent information.

Resident Data Transition

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We will discuss key transition dates with you and your electronic medication administration record (eMAR) vendor; confirm we have all the necessary information; and gather any missing information.

Clinical Audits of Medication Profiles

Staff Education

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Prior to “go live date,” Guardian Pharmacy of Wisconsin will provide training to staff in preparation for upcoming change. Family meetings will also be arranged as part of our wrap around services.

Go Live Support

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Guardian Pharmacy will be onsite to handle any last-minute issues/concerns that may arise.

Ongoing Support

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Our customer care team is here to support you, your residents, and their families.